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To Pezinská Baba

Small carpathians
Pezinská Baba

Hiking times: Pezinok – Rozálka ½ h. – Zumberg ¾ h. – Žilová 1 h. – Pezinská Baba 1 h. – Konské hlavy ¾ h. – Tri kamenné kopce ¾ h. – Šenkárka ¼ h. – Kolárske ¼ h. – Žilová ¾ h. – Rozálka 1 ½ h. – Pezinok ½ h.

Total: 8 h.

Total climb: 480 m


This hike is considered demanding (in particular due to its length). The frequent changes in the hiking blazes to mark the trail means that navigation is critical and a map should be used. The hike partially follows the route of the Mining Educational Trail, which provides details on the history of Pezinok, once one of the most important mining cities in Slovakia. The end of the trail passes an information board from the Vineyards Educational Trail, which documents the current image of the city so shaped by the vineyards themselves.

Basic route: 

From the railway station in the city of Pezinok (160 m), set out along Holubyho ulica towards the city centre. Blue (2406) and red (0703) hiking blazes accompany this part of the trail. Continue along to Radničné námestíe and continue to the south western edge of the château park. Take Kupecká ulica to reach the Rozálka crossing (165 m) where the individual hiking trails branch off. The red-blazed trail heads off to the right while the blue-blazed trail moves to the left. Follow the red-blazed trail that leads to the end of Suvorovova ulica and continue along the paved road. At the lower end of the vineyards and near the initial board for the Vineyards Educational Trail is Krížna ulica, which connects to the state road leading from Pezinok to Baba pass. The trail turns to the right here and then once again to the right around 100 m and leads to the technical landmark named Schaubmarov mlyn, which is currently home to a Gallery of In-situ Art. From the mill return back until reaching the Zumberg directional marker (206 m) along the state road towards Baba pass. The red blazes are accompanied by green blazes and turn to the right into Trnianska (Kučišdorsfska) dolina. Follow the yellow-blazed trail (8131) that follows along the road in a westerly direction and then turn to the left onto the side road past the Philippe Pinel Psychiatric Hospital. The paved and then forest road climbs past the Sirková warden's house into a small forested valley in which trace evidence of mining activities remains. The trail then enters the former mining region that stretched from Pezinok to Pernek. Gold, pyrite and antimony were once mined here. The road turns out of the valley and onto a forested slope, climbing to Žilová crossing (420 m, Variant I). Here the trail turns to the right on a blue-blazed trail (2406). The long climb through the forest ends at the hiking centre of Pezinská Baba (527 m, Variant II), which is approached from the south-east. The ski trail extends to the right-hand side. After refreshments in the mountain-side hotel or snack bar, the trail continues in a southerly direction along the Štefánik Trail (E8, 0701) near the summit of Konské hlavy (640 m). Follow the red-blazed hiking trail. Only the final section of the ascent is strenuous. The picturesque landscape offers partial views over new growth and areas that have been recently cut. From Konské hlavy, the highest point along the trail, continue along the east forest road with its easy profile (opposite to the ridge trail in no. 18). Through Stratený kút (593 m) and Tri kamenné kopce (584 m) the trail reaches the Tri kamenné kopce crossing (570 m) and turns to the left. Taking the blue-blazed (2405) and yellow-blazed (8131) forest road, the trail descends slightly into Šenkárka meadow (515 m) with its forester's house. At the upper edge of the meadow is a crossing from which the blue-blazed trail descends through the meadow and the yellow-blazed trail turns to the left. Follow the yellow-blazed trail that leads through a primarily coniferous forest to the cottage area of Kolárske (440 m). From the cottages surrounding the Švantner warden's house continue along the forest road down through a smaller paved road (345 m) used by visitors and cottage owners from the Slnečné údolie cottage hamlet located a few hundred meters above on the left side. To the right this road continues on to Limbach. The trail does not take the road and continues on a steep forest trail climbing the slope to the other side of the valley of the Limbašský Brook. Soon the trail reaches the Žilová crossing (420 m) which should be familiar from the first third of the hike. However, the trail does not return following the same route. Turn to the right along the blue-blazed trail (2405) and descend through the forest to the vineyards above Pezinok. In the vineyards beautiful views of the city and pond open up and the trail continues around the pond to a chapel nearby the Rozálka crossing (165 m). The trail passes the Rozálka riding and recreation centre before reaching the crossing and around information boards for the Vineyards Educational Trail that provides more history of the vineyards in this area. From the Rozálka the trail follows the familiar route through Pezinok to the railway station (160 m) which is the final destination for this hike. Along the way there is ample opportunity to stop at the château's grounds or to visit the Small Carpathian Museum and get to know the history of viticulture in the region. We recommend tasting some of Pezinok's excellent wines in the local wine taverns.

Variant I: In order to shorten the hike to an easy walk around Pezinok and to avoid hiking up to the Small Carpathian ridge line and Baba pass, turn to the left at Žilová crossing and return back to Pezinok along the blue-blazed trail. The hike ends in the same manner as the basic route (Total: 4 ¼ h.).

Variant II: The hike can also finish at Baba pass. The option in this case is to return to Pezinok by bus (total: 3 ¼ h.).

Variant III: In order to finish the hike in Pezinok and to visit the vineyard town of Limbach, follow the blue-blazed trail down from Šenkárka meadow to Limbach and then the unmarked paved road from the edge of the vineyards back to Pezinok (total: 8 h.).

Foto: Peter Mach

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