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Bratislava The history of Bratislava spans more than two millennia. From 1291 a free royal town, for 300 years it was honoured as the coronation town of the “Hungarian” kings.
Small Carpathians The Small Carpathians wine region is the most extensive of the six wine regions in Slovakia. Vines have been grown on the south-facing slopes of the Small Carpathian Mountains for two millennia. Green Veltliner, Silvaner, Riesling, White Ruland and Müller-Thurgau predominate among the white varieties and Frankovka Blue, Svätovavrinecké and Cabernet Sauvignon among the reds.
Záhorie Extensive pine woods, meadows rich in flowers, sand dunes, natural lakes with sandy shores, and river terraces formed over the ages by the Morava make up the varied relief of the Záhorie region. The first protected lowland in Slovakia is to be found in this region.
Danube Lowlands The Danube, Europe’s second longest river, dominates the Danube lowland with its vast fertile Danube floodplain. The Danube and its tributaries have created an intricate network of branches, extensive marshes and gravel-ponds. Almost 40 minerals have been found in the Danube sands and gravels and even gold was panned for until recently.

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