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Devínska Kobyla

Devínska Kobyla

Hiking times: Dúbravka – Dúbravská hlavica ½ h. – Devínska Kobyla 1 ¼ h. – Pod Devínskou Kobylou ¼ h. – Rovnica ¾ h. – Devínska Nová Ves ¼ h.

Total: 3 h.

Total climb: 369 m.


This relatively easy and undemanding half-day hike follows a well-marked hiking trail. Only the ascent to Devínska Kobyla in the first section of the basic trail is more strenuous.


Basic route: 

Starting at the MHD bus stop in front of the Lidl store (across from the Culture House) in Bratislava's borough ofDúbravka (250 m) find and follow Jadranská ulica. Follow the blue hiking blazes (2436). Then take Strmé sady and K Horánskej studni streets until you reach the Church of St. Cosmas and Damian (Variant I). The blue-blazed trail circles around the church along a steep paved road from the left-hand side and enters into the forest. It passes a deep and forested gorge and then along an unpaved road above the gardens. Some spots offer beautiful outlooks over Dúbravka. Soon the trail turns onto a paved road that does not have hiking blazes for a short section. Turn right onto the road. The road then becomes a part of the Štefánik Trail (E8, 0701), which is marked with red blazes that lead to a forest trail along its left-hand side. In the broad pass between Švábsky vrch and Dúbravská hlavica the trail enters a large meadow that connects to a yellow-blazed hiking marker. The centre maintained by the Salesian Society is located to the right. The trail continues along a paved road and turns to the left into the forest after around 100 m to the Dúbravská hlavica directional sign (360 m) on a yellow-blazed forest trail (8104). This trail climbs and descends and is a favourite among bicycling tourers. The yellow blazes turn off the forest trail after around 2 km to the left and into a ravine. The trail continues along an unmarked forest road that leads along the contour line for the Devínska Kobyla massif. After a slight rise, a red-blazed trail joins the trail from the left and sharply turns to the right after a few metres from the forest road. A relatively steep ascent following the red-blazed forest trail awaits leading to a false summit on Devínska Kobyla (514 m), the highest peak in the Devín Carpathians. The actual summit itself is located a few metres away but there is no hiking trail to the peak as it was used by a former air defence installation. The Devínska Kobyla directional marker is located on a small platform offering views of the Devín Gate, the Hainburg hills and the distant foothills of the Alps. The view from this spot is panoramic, especially outside of the vegetative period when the trees are stripped of their leaves. After a short break take the green-blazed hiking trail (5114) that follows along the same route as a red-blazed trail until you come to the Pod Devínskou Kobylou (450 m) crossing, which is also named Bočná cesta. Continue along the green-blazed hiking trail (the red-blazed trail turns to the right – Variant II) that drops through the forest through occasional clearings. These small clearings offer limited views into the Záhorie lowlands. The beautiful landscape completely opens up and shows its full beauty before the trail reaches Devínska Nová Ves. On the western side of the Devínska Kobyla massif in the area known as Rovnica (285 m) a yellow-blazed trail joins the hiking trail and leads to the upper edge of Sandberg with a beautiful outlook over the surrounding landscape (270 m). The trail ends with the descent from Sandberg along the green-blazed trail via Lipové (235 m) to Bratislava's borough of Devínska Nová Ves (145 m).

Variant I: In order to visit the Villa rustica archaeological site, start the hike at the MHD bus stop named Technické sklo. A green-blazed unpaved road leads to the remains of a rural Roman-Germanic settlement along the lines of a 'Villa rustica' (countryside villa) estate. This settlement was well-equipped with both residential and outbuilding structures and baths. The foundations of the Roman architecture of the baths have been preserved in situ. The green-blazed trail continues along from the archaeological site along a garden area. The trail follows a gentle incline to the partially forested slop of the Brižite massif. Brižitská ulica is next to the former Odboj cinema in Dúbravka. Turn to the right onto the paved road and continue on to the Church of St. St. Cosmas and Damian where it re-joins the basic trail (total: 3 ½ h.).

Variant II: In order to finish the hike in Dúbravka, take the red-blazed trail at the Pod Devínskou Kobylou crossing which goes around Devínska Kobyla and along a paved road dropping down to the Dúbravská hlavica crossing mentioned in the trail's introduction. Here turn onto the yellow-blazed trail and continue along the more steeply sloped forest road leading to K Horánskej studni ulica. Turn to the right and continue on to the Church of St. Cosmas and Damian and follow the trail mentioned in the beginning back to the starting point for the basic trail (total: 3 ¼ h.).

Photography: Peter Mach

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