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Kingdom of Goose

Small carpathians
Slovenský Grob

The kingdom you are going to visit or you have already visited has not always been this rich and prospering. A small village near Bratislava, nowadays known as Slovensky Grob has fought misery and poverty.

Around 1750 empress and duchess from that time Maria Theresa was invited by Palatin Palffy to have a look at his properties. As he was a district administrator of Bratislava he passed with Maria Theresa through Slovensky Grob. Darkness and thunderstorm reached Maria and her suit there. Thus they had to spend night there in the house of a poor geese Shepard. She did not want the Shepard to know who will spend the night at his house and so they all changed into liegemen´s clothes. Shepard welcomed them as their own and prepared a roasted goose with potato lokse and cabbage, the same way we know this delicacy today. Empress was amazed; she has never tasted anything as delicious. The food accompanied by the Small Carpathian wine from the local wine producers has created an unbelievable gastronomic experience.

When the morning came she continued her road with Palatine and her suit. Palatine told her about local people and their passion for gastronomy. For a year Maria has tried to teach the cooks at her manor to prepare a delicate goose liver, tender goose meat and sweetened cabbage the same way as the Shepard in the village. Nothing has aligned with the experience from Slovensky Grob and so the empress has decided to come to the village again. She named the hospitable local Shepard who had invited them to his house and prepared that delicious meal for his guests the king of new kingdom: Kingdom of Goose.

Since then Slovensky Grob has become a chosen destination for all the travellers who come there to try local goose specialities. And it has stuck until these days. Kingdom of Goose welcomes you and invites everyone to the tables full of goose specialities to taste what has changed the life of Maria Theresa.

(The story is made up even though the historical relations can not be excluded)

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