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The Blue Church

Bezručova 2, Bratislava
Tel: 02/527 33 572 kancelária, 02/527 33 573 fara

The St. Elisabeth Church, known among the citizens of Bratislava as the Blue Church, a masterpiece of the Art Nouveau, based on the project of the Austrian architect Edmund Lechner, was built between the years 1909 and 1914. Its style is palpable on the ever-recurring motifs of nature, flowers, and trees. Its name “Blue Church” points at its uncommon design: its blue-coloured plaster and blue roof. The church has been dedicated to the Saint Elisabeth (from the Arpad-Dynasty) and on the one hand served as a chapel for students of the adjacent school, on the other hand as a symbolic mausoleum for Elisabeth, the Empress of Austria and Queen of Hungary who died in the year 1898. In the centre of its interior design is the mosaic of the Saint Elisabeth, holding a bunch of flowers in her arms. This depiction refers to the legend on the Saint Elisabeth and presents, she used to give to the poor. Her presents turned during time of their suffering to flowers. The Blue Church is nowadays one of the most favourite places chosen for a church wedding.

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