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Biely kriz

Small carpathians
Svätý Jur (katastrálne územie)


Biely kriz (the White Cross), a lovely location in the Small Carpathians,is well-known among tourists, fans of bicycle tourism, and mountain biking. The history of its name is connected to a white cross erected on this spot. Although crossed by several tourist routes, Biely kriz is very well suitable for relax, psychical and physical regeneration. You can have a rest in the sun or purchase a light snack in a buffet standing nearby. The buffet was in the year 2003 badly damaged by fire, but has been fully reconstructed and nowadays is open for greater part of a year. A cottage in vicinity of the buffet serves as a clubroom.

What to do:

Around Biely Kriz are situated several spots worth seeing. Following the green-blazed trail, the direction towards Sursky Kanal, you get to Sakrakopec with memorial to victims of the worst plane crash in Slovak history that happened in the year 1966. The red-blazed trail heading towards Salas leads you to the peak Hviezda (1863 ft). The top of Hviezda opens you a beautiful view on its surroundings. During the route to the peak, you can make a short detour to the wetland Jurske jazero (the Jurske Lake), a rarity of the Small Carpathians.

How to get there:

If you start from the Bratislava district Raca, take the tram number 3 or 5 of the public transport services and to the tram stop “Detvianska” and follow the blue-blazed trail nearby. For more information on public transport services see the site: Starting from Svaty Jur, follow the blue-blazed trail and cross the square on Prostredná ulica (the Prostredna Street) and continue to the crossroads Nestich. Then take the yellow-blazed trail, along the ruin of the Biely Kamen (the White Stone castle) and then continue directly to Biely kriz (the White Cross). Another route begins in the town Stupava. Take the blue-blazed trail that begins at Kostol svätej Trojice (the Holy Trinity Castle). After approximately 656 yards take the yellow-blazed trail and proceed to Biely kriz. If you start from the village Borinka, take the red-blazed trail to get to the orientation point Klčovanice (Latitude: 48°15'44.22",Longitude: 17°4'52.76") and follow the yellow-blazed trail. 

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