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The Natural Reserve Sur

Small carpathians
Svätý Jur


The national reserve Sur is significant location due to its bogs, fens, alders, and numerous protected wildlife plant and animal species. The alders in the Sur create the only one original biotope of this kind (1618 acres) in the Central Europe. The forest is situated in the cadastral territory of the village Svaty Jur. Being a unique feature in the Central European region, the biotope is in centre of interest among biologists and botanists. The Faculty of Natural Sciences of the Comenius University in Bratislava has in the Sur its external research centre. The location was on the 2ndJuly 1990 proclaimed the reserve of international significance.

What to do:

The location offers you many, rarely seen spots, highly suitable for observation of local fauna and flora. If you like learning some new facts about the spots in which you are spending some time, the educational trail Prirodne klenoty Suru (the Natural Gem of Sur) provides you with much useful information on its history and development.

How to get there:

The easiest route to be taken starts in the village Svaty Jur, along Fanglovsky potok (the Fanglovsky Creek) The trail is directly connected to the educational trail Prirodne klenoty Suru. If you take the green-blazed trail, you get to the mound of general Milan Rastislav Stefanik in the village Ivanka pri Dunaji. For those who like more challenging route, take the access trail that starts in the village Chorvatsky Grob. The national reserve Sur is accessible also from Bratislava-Vajnory (district Bratislava III). In this case, follow the trail beginning at the dam that is at Sursky kanal (the Sursky Channel).

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