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The Bratislava Urban Forest

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The urban forest is situated between Bratislava and Vienna and is one of natural reserves located in the Small Carpathians. Its plain terrain and its tourist infrastructure make it to a locality well-suited for bicycle touring, hiking, or short family trips: kiosks offering drinks and light snacks, shelters, benches, and recreation sites. You can have a rest nearby one of 4 ponds in the southern section of the forest and nearby the stone quarry Nr. 2, or take a walk along the Vydrica creek, passing through the whole locality.

What to do:

The Bratislava Urban Forest functions as a junction in the centre of several localities in Bratislava that are well-known among tourists.You can choose from among watermills at the Vydrica creek, Kamzik, Zelezna studnicka, Kacin or Cervenykriz. The detailed plan of the Bratislava Urban Forest is available here.

How to get there:

The best access to the urban forest is from these bus stops: “Klanec”,“Červený most P+R”, “Koliba”, “Marianka”, or from the Bratislava district Raca. For planning your route, using the Public Transport Bus Service, click in the link here.

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