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Chapel of Scala Santa

Kláštorné námestie 3, Malacky
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The Chapel of the Scala Santa was built on the orders of Pál Pálffy along with the monastery. Three such Scala Santa exist in the world. The original stairs taken by Christ up to praetorium of Pontius Pilate are located in Rome. Copies are located in Jerusalem and in Malacky. There are a total of twenty seven stairs and they hold relics of Saints Deteria, Valentin and Blažena.

The entire complex is composed of two sets of stairs divided by a wall and a common upper platform. Visitors are to ascend the stairs on the left-hand side on their knees. Prayers are recited as the ascension is made and every stair is kissed before being ascended as a sign of reverence to the relics they contain. The visitor then returns back down on the right hand side, walking, as there are no relics on this side. The right-hand stairs were not always in the chapel. They were constructed during the large-scale renovations of the chapel conducted from 1902 to 1903. The upper platform was also created with the construction of the second set of stairs and is used to walk from one set of stairs to the other. Two altars are located on this upper platform. The left-hand altar is composed of a crucifix and statues of the Virgin Mary and St. John on the sides of the cross. The right-hand altar is composed of a sculpture of the whipping and crowning of Christ with the crown of thorns. The altar is named Ecce homo – Behold the Man.

The entrance to the chapel from the courtyard was walled in during extensive renovation work and covered by a new altar by Alojz Veselý. A new entrance was cut in order to make the chapel accessible from the church yard. The Chapel of the Scala Santa is a frequented spot for visitors thanks to the indulgences that the faithful can receive here. Pope Innocent XI first issued the concession granting plenary indulgences for ascending the Scala Santa. With the construction of the monastery, Metod Gazdík ensured that these indulgences could be granted to the present day. Pope Pius IX confirmed that the indulgences sought by Metod Gazdík were "for time eternal".

Currently the Scala Santa are closed for renovation work

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