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Art Hotel Kaštieľ

Danube lowlands
Majorháza 1, Tomášov
Recepcia : Tel: +421 (2) 209 093 00 Fax: + 421 (2) 209 093 70


Art Hotel Kaštieľ has 20 rooms and 41 beds available to its clients. Each room has its own style and is furnished with a maximum emphasis on detail. All of the rooms do have one thing in common – beyond their windows spreads the beauty of an English park, which ends at the endlessly straight horizon of the Danubian lowlands. The high ceilings will also appeal to those who wish to spend the night in a genuine manor house. The unique combination of interior design, high comfort and functionality will fulfill all the expectations of even the most demanding clients. While the stylish art deco apartments and rooms recall a bourgeois manor house from the 1930s in appearance, the baroque apartments and rooms, with original baroque wall paintings of the splendid "piano nobile," nostalgically evoke the aristocratic comfort of the 18th century.

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