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Velka Homola

Small carpathians
Veľká homoľa, Modra


The peak Velka Homola stands in the foreground of the Pezinok Carpathians, aside its main range. Velka Homola dominates the part of the Small Carpathians around the town Modra and its vineyards. The20-metre-high lookout tower on the top of Velka homola was erected in the year 2001.

What to do:

The 360 degree view from the lookout tower enables you to see almost the whole range of the Small Carpathians, the Danubian Lowland, the Zahorska Lowland, and almost all towns of the western Slovakia. The top of Velka Homola offers lovely spot to have a rest above the landscape featured by beautiful forests, vineyards, and fertile fields. There are several routes leading to the top of Velka Homola, the route from Zochova chata being the shortest one. An interestingly shaped rock formation Traja jazdci (the Three Cavaliers), nearby Zochova chata is created by means of tectonic stress.

How to get there:

To the lookout tower lead several trails from all directions. The easiest one is the red-blazed trail (1 hour) beginning at the bus stop Zochova chata. If you start from Pezinok, you can follow the red-blezed trail, as well (3 hours). The blue-blazed trail from the town Modra takes you 2 hours.

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