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Equestrian Facility Rozalka

Small carpathians
Suvorovova 9, Pezinok
+421 33 640 24 85


The facility “ Areal zdravia Rozalka“ (Rozalka Health Resort) has been built on the site of former agricultural complex. In one its part is allocated also the equestrian facility equipped with stables and tilt-yards suited for each type of equestrian competition. A typical season in “Rozalka” includes competitions in various disciplines. The complex is widely recognized for having contributed to the revival of equestrian sport, associated social activities, but also for its architectural and aesthetic design. “Rozalka” is the right spot where you can sense the inner unity between a horse and a human – the main aim of people who decided to revive and highlight the position of these gentle animals in human life. These features contributed to its status as on of the most visited resorts of this region. To have a closer experience with the everyday life in “Rozalka”, the luxurious hotel within the complex stands at your disposal.

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To get to Pezinok, you can travel either by your car or by train. If you choose train, please, click on the link here to plan your own route.

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