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The Cycle Route Along the Danube

Danube lowlands

Route: Bratislava – Cunovo (10,5 miles) – Vojka (10,5 miles) – Cilistov (4,3 miles) – Hamuliakovo (3,7 miles) – Maly Dunaj (9,3 miles) - Bratislava (3,7 miles)

Length: 42,2 miles

Difficulty level: medium

Suitable for : trekking bike, touring bike

Typeof surface: solid


Do you prefer relaxing cycle tour along a mighty river that passes a splendid landscape? You are on the right spot! The cycle route along the Danube includes beautiful nature, tour in the manor Rusovce, built in the Victorian style, the Water Sport Resort Cunovo and if you are an art lover, as well, you would appreciate the gallery of modern art Danubiana. These spots are only one part of the whole tour. The route leads you to the one of the Danube ports, Vojka, and the sport resort Cilistov. If you prefer water sports, as well, you can spend a beautiful day in the Water Sport Resort Cunovo that offers many possibilities how to take advantage of a sunny day: water slalom, rafting, and many other activities.

The route is suitable especially for touring bikes and does not crosses any road or highway, which makes it to the best choice for a family tour, as well. The windy weather that is pretty common mainly on the Danube dam is well appreciated during hot summer days. The most favourite part of the whole route is its part Stary most (the Old Bridge) – Cunovo. All the in-line skaters and cyclists on along the route at Cunovo means a really dense traffic.

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