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Stupava Blue Trail


Hiking times: Stupava – Obora ½ h. – Pod Kamenným vŕškom ½ h. – Staré Hájne 1 ¼ h. – Košarisko ¾ h. – Pod Horvátkou ¾ h. – Salaš ¼ h. – Neštich 1 ½ h. – Svätý Jur ½ h.

Total: 6 h.

Total climb: 382 m


This trail is moderately difficult and the nearly day-long hike has no difficult ascents. Be sure to carefully note the blue hiking blazes that mark the entire trail at all crossings and forks. A number of variants are available for hikers who want to return to Stupava.

Basic route: 

From the square near the church and manor house in the centre of Stupava (182 m) follow the street that leads to the right of the park located just past the manor house which is currently used as social facility. Follow the blue hiking blazes (2404). The trail leads along the playground, swimming complex and the Parkhotel with tennis courts built along the broad bottom land of the Stupavsky Brook. Near the Obora warden's house (200 m, Variant I) cross the road leading to Borinka and continue along the paved road leading to the cottage into the valley of the Vapenny Brook. The blue blazes here are accompanied by green blazes for a short distance. The green blazes continue straight ahead from the Pod Kamenným vŕškom crossing (230 m) in the main section of the valley. The trail turns to the right and follows the blue hiking blazes to the Vapenny Brook valley. The trail passes a gazebo and the Vapenny well in the middle of the valley. A forest road in the upper part of the valley leads to the Staré Hájne crossing (490 m, Variant II). Turn to the left on the blue and red-blazed forest road (0702) leading along the game fencing over a forested but less steep hill. The highest point along the trail is located in this section (520 m). Past the peak named Ostrovec (468 m) the trail descends into the Košarisko recreation area (410 m, Variant III) which is an ideal spot for a short break to relax. The red blazes end here and the trail continue along the blue blazes to the sides of the cottages on the left side of the broad valley of the Stupavský Brook into the forest. The trail runs past a rushing karst spring named Dujnič into a side valley and drops town to a paved road travelling from the valley of the Stupavský Brook towards Svätý Jur. Above the gazebo near the Pod Horvátkou directional marker (430 m) the trail moves off the paved road to the left. The forest road or more trail climbs slightly to the Salaš crossing (490 m) where the blue-blazed hiking trail crosses the red-blazed Štefánik Trail. The trail follows the sloping forest road to the east where it reaches a paved road towards Svätý Jur. Turn onto this road to the left, even though the trail does not follow it for long. The trail passes a gazebo past a curve and then turns to the right onto a forest road that moves into a widely branched valley. A side trail leads off to the left at a wide curve and connects to the remains of a Great Moravia hill-fort above Neštich (330 m). The turn to the hill fort is marked with large signs. The trail's end point is a short distance after returning to the main trail. The forest road drops down to the main valley after another sharp turn. The trail, across from the cottage and ski area with the ski jumping platform, leads to the Church of St. George with its wooden bell tower in Neštich (220 m), which is a borough of Svätý Jur. This street leads through the entire city and reaches a wide street that is the main road through Svätý Jur (165 m). Turn onto this road to the right and then shortly thereafter to the left onto the first side street (Dukelská ulica). This road leads to the railway station (138 m) where the hike ends.

Variant I: More hearty hikers can take the yellow-blazed trail from the Obora warden's house that leads up to Pajštún Castle. Continue from the castle along the red-blazed trail to the Staré Hájne crossing where it meets up with the basic trail (total: 6 ¾ h.).

Variant II: In order to visit Pajštún Castle and to avoid Košarisko, turn to the right at Staré Hájne onto the red-blazed trail that follows to the flat hill at the Pod Kozliskom crossing. The trail continues along the red blazes and turns to the right onto a forest road that slightly rises through the high beech trees to the peak named Kozlisko. This trail remains relatively easy up to the ruins of Pajštún Castle, from which it follows the yellow-blazed trail back to Stupava (total: 4 h.).

Variant III: An alternative trail that leaves out the section from Košarisko to Svätý Jur and returns back uses the paved road through the hamlet of Medené Hámre. The hamlet is home to a number of recreational cottages, a building formerly used to process copper ore and a Baroque chapel. The valley itself narrows into a karst gulley just before it reaches Medené Hámre. Caves, karst springs and other karst phenomena are a part of the Strmina natural reservation. The trail ends in Borinka or Stupava as another option. In the case of the former option, the entire trail takes 4 ½ h. with the total reaching 5 ½ h for the latter. 

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