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Across Carpathian Bratislava

Small carpathians
Malinský vrch

Hiking times: Krasňany – Spariská 1 ¼ h. – Vypálenisko ¼ h. – Pánova lúka ½ h. – Malinský vrch ½ h. – Marianka 1 h. – Záhorská Bystrica ½ h.

Total: 4 h.

Total climb: 284 m


This easy and uncomplicated half-day hike features very slight total climb and easy navigation. Only the slightest of inclines along the blue-blazed trail connecting Krasňany and Záhorská Bystrica separates hikers from relaxing at Pánova lúka and visiting Malý Slavín.

Basic route: 

A blue-blazed trail (2402) covers nearly the entire route. Take Pekná cesta to the north from the MHD stop at the Pekná cesta intersection in Bratislava's neighbourhood of Krasňany (140 m). The street continues after the last few houses as a paved road that climbs up into the valley. A forest building is located in around the middle of the valley. At the Pod Krásnym vrchom crossing take the left-hand trail that soon leads to the hiking trail crossing on Pekná cesta known as Spariská (352 m). Here the blue-blazed trail crosses the red-blazed Štefánik Trail (E8, 0701, Variant I). Turn to the right onto this trail and continue along the paved forest road until the next crossing with a blue-blazed trail (2403) at the location known asVypálenisko (390 m, Variant II). Once again turn to the right and continue in a north westerly direction back along the blue-blazed trail to Pánova lúka (390 m). This beautiful meadow with gorgeous views features a covered gazebo and benches and is perfect for a short rest. When ready to continue, turn to the left after the meadow into the yellow-blazed trail that drops down to Vydrica Brook. Cross the brook using the footbridge and continue along for around ¼ h until reaching the favourite picnic spot named Malý Slavín (364 m). After a short break and perhaps some refreshments, continue along the yellow-blazed hiking trail as it climbs slowly up to Malinský vrch (424 m), which is the highest point along the trail. Turn to the right and follow the blue-blazed forest road that continues along the flat hill to the forest clearing named Stánisko (be careful to navigate properly here as the blue-blazes are to the right along the trail!). Strip cuts and areas with seedlings and other young trees create some partial views to the southern part of the Pezinok Carpathians. The trail continues and descends slightly around a peak named Bázgovič (388 m), which is marked by the large quarry on its northern slope. The final section is marked by a steep descent into the pilgrimage site at the upper edge of the town of Marianka (220 m), which is one of the most visited pilgrimage sites in Slovakia. The lower edge of the slope that the trail descends is a park with maintained walkways between the chapels at the crossroad. Cross over the brook nearby the main chapel constructed near Svätá studňa (Holy Well). Then take the park back to the rear portion of the pilgrimage site, the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary and the monastery from the 14th century (which was turned into a manor house around 1840), which the trail passes around to the left. Turn to the left onto the street leading in a south westerly direction at the open area in front of the church and the monastery. The street ascends a small hill, passes along four new family houses and heads off to Bratislava's borough of Záhorská Bystrica (175 m), which has preserved its rural charm. An MHD bus line connects to the centre of the city.

Variant I: To take a completely different route from the hiking tail crossing at Pekná cesta rather than to the east, there is the option to take the Štefánik Trail Around Máriin spring and through the Tri duby and Pod Chlmcom crossings, the red-blazed trail is connected to a yellow-blazed trail that continues to the south over Cvičná lúka in Bratislava's Koliba neighbourhood. From this point there is a blue-blazed trail to the Figaro factory located on Račianska ulica or a green-blazed trail to the Bratislava-Vinohrady railway station (total: 3 ¾ h.).

Variant II: To finish the hike in Bratislava's borough of Rača, turn to the south at the Vypálenisko intersection along the blue-blazed tail that descends near the rounded peak of Malá Baňa down into Knižkova dolina. Follow the blue-blazed trail to Alstrova ulica and later turn to the left off this street onto Námestie hrdinov, to the nearby MHD stop (total: 3 h.).

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