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Bratislava, Červený most

Hiking times: Červený most – Klanec ¾ h. – Kačín ¾ h. – Za Kačínom ¼ h. – Snežienka 1 h. – Červený most ¾ h.

Total: 3 ½ h.

Total climb: 215 m


 This easy trail walk features an easy profile and simple navigation. The trail uses Bratislava's forest park, which is characterized by its natural landscape. Maintained hiking trails and recreational facilities are located in this primarily deciduous forest with meadows and clearings.

Basic route:

 From the MHD bus stop in front of the entrance to St. Michael's Hospital (the former Military Hospital, 175 m), take the road that leads up into Upper Mlynská dolina. Follow this road underneath Červený most railway bridge, and then follow the red-blazed hiking trail (0702) that follows a forest trail to the left off the paved road. After the second small lake the red-blazed trail turns to the left and into the forest as it climbs in a north westerly direction. The trail soon reaches the Klanec (314 m) crossing where the red-blazed trail meets a yellow-blazed trail. The right-hand section of this trail leads into Upper Mlynská dolina to the ninth mill while the left-hand section ends in Bratislava's borough of Lamač. Continue along the red-blazed trail that first leads to a forest road. After around 200 m the surface changes to pavement (as this section is aligned with a red-blazed cycling trail). Continue on along the paved road and soon a parallel forest trail appears. A paved road leading from Železná studnička soon joins the red-blazed trail from the right and is also a blue-blazed cycling route to Lamač. Cross this route and around 200 m later the trail reaches Kačín (330 m). This meadow near the warden's house is a favourite destination for trips and picnics among Bratislava's locals. After a moment of rest and enjoying refreshments at the Lesanka snack bar, continue around the new rest and relaxation centre with its gazebos, benches and playground for children in a northerly direction along the red-blazed hiking route. The paved road turns into a forest road that the trail follows to the Za Kačínom crossing (370 m). Continue along the red-blazed trail for along 100 m until a less-visible path becomes visible on the right, which first dips down and then rises and leads around town signs to a ravine, the side of which is home to Písaný kameň. Return back to the Za Kačínom crossing after getting a good look at the stone. The red-blazes continue to the north towards Marianka (Variant I). However, the trail follows the yellow-blazed trail following a forest road towards the forested flat hill beneath Hrubý vrch to the south. Go around the sharp peak of Hruby Drieňovec from the north side and take the steep path down into Upper Mlynská dolina (250 m) and then continue down following the paved road (Variant II). Leave the yellow-blazed trail that leads around the former Snežienka restaurant to the left into the forest (the chairlift operation to Kamzík was reopened here in 2005). Passing by the two lakes brings the trail to Železná studnička (220 m), which features a wide range of refreshment options. Use the maintained paved path that runs parallel to the road for cars and cyclists to move down through the valley. This section is not marked with hiking blazes. Continue along the ninth mill and the former tavern at Klepáč, which previously was the eighth mill and head off towards the last of four lakes built in the 18th and 19th centuries as mill ponds. These mill ponds served the mills that stood in the valley since the 14th century and that gave the valley its modern day name. This trail continues along the Partizánska lúka recreational area. The hike ends as the trail passes beneath Červeny most (185 m) near the MHD bus stop in front of St. Michael's Hospital (175 m).

Variant I: Continue to the north from the Za Kačínom crossing where the red-blazed trail meets the yellow-blazed trail until reaching the Sekyl fork. Turn to the right onto a yellow-blazed hiking trail that drops through the forest and then onto Prídavková ulica and Tedešíkova ulica to the final MHD bus stop in Bratislava's borough of Záhorská Bystrica (total: 3 h.).

Variant II: Turn to the left onto the yellow-blazed forest trail that climbs the eastern slope of the valley past the former Snežienka restaurant to continue along the yellow-blazed trail leading to Krasňany. This short climb reaches the Pod Chlmcom fork through which the Štefánik Trail leads. Follow the yellow-blazed trail down into the Krivé jarky dolina and through the vineyards. At Pekná cesta, the trail meets up with a blue-blazed trail and a comfortable paved road that connects Pekná cesta to an MHD bus stop in the Bratislava neighbourhood of Krasňany (total: 3 ¾ h.).

Foto: Peter Mach

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