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Devín Castle

Hrad Devín

Location: Devín Carpathians

Starting point: Devínska Nová Ves, MHD bus stop, parking lot.

Destination: Karlova Ves, MHD bus stop, parking lot.

Hiking times: Devínska Nová Ves – Waitov lom ½ h. – Devín Castle ¾ h. – Úzky les ¾ h. – Dúbravská hlavica ½ h. – Pod Švábskym vrchom ¼ h. – Jezuitské lesy ¼ h. – Karlova Ves ¾ h.

Total: 3 ¾ h.

Total climb: 210 m

Difficulty: This easy half-day hike with a small overall total climb follows good roads and trails and navigation is simple. Increased attention must be given when following the hiking signs in Karlova Ves.

Map: Small Carpathians – south, scale 1: 25,000 (sheet 9), VKÚ, a. s., Harmanec.

Basic route: This trail starts at the MHD bus stop next to the Morava River in front of the Rolando restaurant and fitness centre in Bratislava's borough of Devínska Nová Ves (145 m). The first part of the trail follows Primoravská ulica in an easterly direction. Turn right at the small square with a bust of writer Rudolf Sloboda near the Helios penzion (bed and breakfast) onto the blue-blazed hiking trail (2461), which follows Slovinec ulica. This road rises between houses and reaches the paleontological site of Sandberg (195 m). The information board provides a wealth of interesting information. After visiting Sandberg, follow the blue-blazed trail that leads nearly along the contour line. Unique views of the Morava River and the Austrian Marchfeld with Schloss Hof Palace are visible along the right-hand side. The next way point along the trail is visible straight ahead, Devín castle. The route passes around a garden area and heads to the bottom of Waitov lom (230 m). Bratislava's borough of Devín is reached through the garden area on the south western slope of Devínska Kobyla. Turning to the right after the cemetery on the road leading to the large parking lot beneath the castle leads to Devín Castle (139 m). Do not miss the opportunity to visit the castle which was first mentioned in the 9th century. The castle's rich history is encapsulated in its exhibit, which is a part of the Bratislava City Museum. If the desire remains to continue along the basic route after visiting the castle and not to immediately return to Devínska Nová Ves (Variant I), follow the red-blazed hiking markers for the Štefánik Trail (E8, 0701) the first section of which also follows a yellow-blazed trail. Take Muránska ulica, Hradná ulica and Kremeľská ulica to reach the Church of the Virgin Mary. Turn to the left and ascend along Štítova ulica into the garden area. The street then continues along at a higher elevation as a field road and enters into a meadow slope in the Devínska Kobyla national natural reservation with its rare warmth-loving flower. Views in the opposite direction offer great views of the area around Devín. At the Úzky les crossing (300 m), the red-blazed trail turns to the left (taking this trail and then the green-blazed trail returns you back to Devínska Nová Ves in an hour). Then turn to the right along the yellow-blazed trail (8104). This section of the trail leads along the southern slopes of Devínska Kobyla along a forest road that essentially follows the contour lines and without major elevation changes. The unpaved forest road, a favourite among bicycle tourers, transitions to a paved forest road after around ½ h. before which the Dúbravská hlavica distance marker (360 m) is located. A red-blazed trail left behind at the Úzky les crossing joins the yellow-blazed trail from the left at this location. Turn to the right onto the paved road and a large meadow is the next destination. The centre maintained by the Salesian Society is located to the left. Continue along the paved road and then turn to the right after around 200 m (an information board for the educational trail is located here). Only red blazes are visible until the end of the trail and are maintained in conjunction with the signs for an educational trail in this section. The trail rises slightly and the only descends using a forest trail (and later forest road), which runs right up against Švábsky vrch (360 m). At the nearby Pod Švábskym vrchom crossing (340 m) a blue-blazed trail joins up the red-blazed trail from the left (Variant II). The flat route continues to the cottage located at Jezuitské lesy (340 m, Variant III). At the fork after the garden cottage area this blue-blazed trail turns off to the right. Follow the red-blazed forest road leading to the family homes on the edges of Bratislava's borough of Karlova Ves (220 m). Follow Šaštínska ulica to the bridge over busy Karloveská ulica to the MHD bus stop where the trail ends.

Variant I: If the goal is to return to Devínska Nová Ves after viewing the castle area and taking in some refreshments, head towards the confluence of the Danube and the Morava through the castle's south gate. A paved path stretches out between the road and the Morava itself and is a part of the Morava Bottom Land Educational Trail that ends in Vysoká pri Morave. The route is a favourite among cyclists. Take the path until it reaches Devínska Nová Ves, which is the final destination for this variant of the basic route (total: 2 h.).

Variant II: The hike can finish in Dúbravka by turning onto the blue-blazed trail at the Pod Švábskym vrchom crossing. Follow this trail through a forest ravine and cross over a paved road, eventually reaching the Church of St. Cosmas and Damian. From the church follow Strmé sady ulica and then Jadranská ulica to reach the Culture House where this variant of the basic route ends (total: 3 ½ h.).

Variant III: The basic route of this hike can be extended by turning to the right at Jezuitské lesy following the blue-blazed trail that passes down through a meadow with fantastic views. Karlova Ves is then reached through Kráľov vrch (total: 4 h.).


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