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The Trip Around Slnecne Jazera

Danube lowlands
Senec - Slnečné jazerá

The Route: Senec - Slnecne jazera-entry 0,62 mile - Slnecne jazera-exit 3,1 miles - Boldog 1,86 mile - Reca 1,24 mile - Kralova pri Senci 3,72 miles - Vcelarska paseka 3,1 miles - Janovce  1,24 mile - Hruba Borsa 1,86 mile - Jelka 3,1 miles - Vodny mlyn (Water Mill) 2,48 miles - Hurbanova Ves 4,34 mile – Kostolna pri Dunaji /open yard with tigers/ 0,62 mile - Kostolna pri Dunaji 1,86 mile - Kralova pri Senci /part Krmes/ 1,24 mile - Senec 2,48 miles

Length: 32,9 miles

Terrain elevation: 52,5 ft

Cumulative elevation gain: 65,6 ft

Difficulty level: medium

Suitable for: touringbike, trekking bike

Surface: solid, gravel


The route around the Slnecne jazera (The Sunny Lakes) is, despite its flat terrain profile, not monotonous at all. Its multifaceted feature combines history, nature, golf, and several kinds of water sports.             

Its surface varies between asphalt roads and gravel paths, but due to the flat terrain can be passed also by a touring bike. The stops along the route offer you many possibilities to have a rest or a bath on one of the most splendid water sports resort in Slovakia. Even if the route has many turns, a map helps you to plan your route properly.

The Route

The tour begins in Senec, a town 18,6 miles to the north-east fromBratislava, on the 1st May Square, nearby Turecky dom (the Turkish House). The premises serve nowadays as the tourist information centre. Passing the pedestrian zone, you get to the waters ports resort Slnecne jazera, one of the mostly visited holiday destinations around Senec. The 3,1-mile-long route along Slnecne jazera leads you through the Stefanikova Street, and through the Slnecna Street. Being at the end of the Slnecna Street, take the right turn and proceed along the Boldocka Street that leads you to the village Boldog. This small village has become known for the oldest proof of Christianity in Slovakia – a tomb stone of a Roman soldier that has been found in the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, built in the Roman style.

Leaving the village Boldog, you get to the village Reca, passing two churches and crossing the railway track. The asphalt surface that turns for 1,2 mile to a road with gravel surface leads you to the village Kralova pri Senci. The village is known by several spots worth seeing; its top is the bridge built in the year 1901 by Italian architects and considered by many modern architects one of the most beautiful bridges in Slovakia. The cycle route along the Cierna Voda creek leads you through the village Velke Ulany, subsequently along a small airport, and through locality called Vcelarska paseka to the village Janovce. Being in Janovce, take the right turn and proceed to the village Hruba Borsa with its well-designed golf course. After ashort rest in Hruba Borsa, you can proceed to the village Jelka. In Jelka turn to the left and follow road to the village Zlate Klasy, with its well-preserved water mill situated approximately 1,2 mile away from the village. If you would like to take a rest, the locality is well- equipped for a small picnic. One tip for those of you who would like to have a taste of local dishes: halaszle, tasty and spicy Hungarian fish soup, and also one of Hungarian national dishes. Taking the road from the water mill, you get back to Jelka. Being in Jelka, follow the first left turn and proceed to Hurbanova Ves, pass an animal farm and follow the road to the open yard with a small population of Siberian tiger (24 adult tigers, 7 tiger younglings, and 3 lions), bread here in accordance with the Slovak National Project “Oasis of the Siberian Tiger”. The yard is open for visitors during each weekend and during summer holiday (July and August).

Leaving the yard with tigers, proceed to the village Kostolna pri Dunaji. Being in Kostolna pri Dunaji, take turn to the village Kralova pri Senci. Cross the first bridge in the village and follow the road, leading you to Krmes, a part of the village Kralova pri Senci. Passing achapel, you cross the primary A-road to the town Galanta and proceed along Hlboke jazero (the Deep Lake). The route ends in the vinicity of the Slnecne jazera.

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