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Around Devinska Kobyla

Bratislav – Devín

Route: Devin– Botanic Garden (4,9 miles) – Dubravka (3,1 miles) – Dubravska hlavica (2,4 miles) – Bocna cesta (1,9 mile) – Nad Uzkym lesom (1,9 mile) – the castle Devin (3,7 miles) 

Length: 18 miles

Terrain elevation: 1637 ft

Difficulty level:low

Suitable for: touring bike, trekking bike

Surface: solid


This route combines spots significant by their natural and by their historical value, the urban environment and beautiful forests of the south-western Slovakia, all rolled into one. All the best of the Bratislava region! The tour includes Devinska Kobyla - the highest peak of the Devin Carpathians, the visit of the partially reconstructed Devin castle – the oldest witness of the Slavonic presence on this land, the land around the Danube banks, and many other spots. The route passes the flat land around the capital Bratislava; the only exception is the route on Devinska Kobyla, which is also its most demanding portion. Therefore, we recommend you to ride rather a rekking bike than a touring bike. The route begins under the Devin castle, passes the left bank of the river Danube to a small Dabune port. Its next portion leads you from the village Devin, along a stone quarry and the water-station Sihot, through urban area of the Bratislava District Karlova Ves, and its housing estate Dlhe Diely. After you have passed the 0,6 mile-long Devinska cesta, you get on the cycling route along "Karloveske rameno of the Danube", to the Botanic Garden and, using the flyover over the tramway, to the Faculty of Natural Sciences of the Comenius University. The last portion of the route turns you back to Devin, passing Rytierska, Hradna, and Muranska Street.

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